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Victor Victrola VV-X Spindle Leg Talking Machine - made in 1912-- (sorry SOLD)
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Victor Victrola VV-X Spindle Leg Talking Machine - made in 1912-- (sorry SOLD)
Victor Victrola VV-X Spindle Leg Talking Machine - made in 1912-- (sorry SOLD)
Victor Victrola VV-X Spindle Leg Talking Machine - made in 1912-- (sorry SOLD)
Victor Victrola VV-X Spindle Leg Talking Machine - made in 1912-- (sorry SOLD)

This magnificent old Victrola, can truly take you on a walk through days long gone. Just place an old 78rpm record on the turntable, wind the crank, set the needle and close your eyes. I have many childhood memories of watching the "grownups" dancing the Fox Trot and Waltzes at family gatherings. I also remember begging to hear some of the funny old records, like "Mrs. Rastus at the Telephone". Today, we have fun by greeting our guests to the sounds of "The New St. Louis Blues". Those sounds, played on an authentic Victrola are just the touch to set a party mood, and are great ice-breaker conversation intro.

There were, we understand almost eight million Victrola's produced by the Victor Talking Machine Company, of Camden, NJ between 1906 and 1929, including a wide variety of models. The floor models with the enclosed lower portion account for a huge number of those, and they continue to turn up in attics in large numbers in various conditions. However, this model, known as the VV-X Spindle Leg Floor Model was only produced for a short time, from the summer of 1912 thru part of 1913. Out of millions of machines, only about 15,000 of these were produced. It is considered to be a relatively rare find, especially when it is in good condition. The serial numbers ranged from 16000 up to approx 30000 and a C or D suffix was used to designate the spindle leg model.

The VV-X Victrola Talking Machine model began as a table top model in about 1910, then in May of 1912 it was converted to a floor standing model with graceful Queen Anne legs, and dubbed the Spindle Leg Floor Model. One story we have read tells that this model was very well received by the public, with its very graceful legs, making it an attractive addition to the formal entertaining area of the house. However, shipping and transportation being what it was at that time, a problem arose with the delicate legs of the Spindle Leg model, also known as the Spider Leg Model. The legs were sustaining damage in either shipment or warehousing or showrooms. I can see from our own example that if the unit were pushed or shoved, rather than lifted and set down, damage could occur. I might add the legs on our model are totally secure and solid, likely because it has been moved very few times in the past 97 years.

This Victrola is in wonderful condition. It plays very well, with a nice clear tone. The volume and tone are controlled by opening or closing the lid and the two small doors in front. The needle arm is manually placed and lifted from the record, and the power comes from winding the removable crank handle on the side. I love the simplicity of it, and it even works in a power outage. The wood cabinet is in very nice condition, with only minor wear. There is a small wear area on the crank side, where the crank may have rubbed the side at some point, and inside the lid there is an arc shaped scratch area from the needle, as if it was moved without the arm being secured enough. These areas could likely be restored easily by someone who knows how to do that; however, we do not, so we leave that up to our buyers.

There are markings and numbers on the arm, that say it is a "Victor Improved Concert" arm. The only thing that may have been updated might be the green felt on the turntable (it looks pretty green to be 97 years old). I will be happy to provide more information as to the various markings on the model / serial number plate, the license paper beneath the cabinet and the needle arm. As the photos show, there is also an Edison Re-Creation Cleaner and a supply of needles in an old Columbia Needles tin. Feel free to contact us with any questions, but using the "Contact" tab.

About Shipping: This item needs to be transported very carefully. We did drive it part way across the country, in the back seat of a 4 door sedan. I have instructions that I obtained from a collector of these fine machines, and it traveled great. However, it should be either picked up or professionally crated and moved. We will be happy to help work out the details for an interested buyer. No weight is listed, so freight will not calculate on the checkout page. Please contact us before or when you place an order.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however since most of the items are either antique or at best vintage, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please examine the pictures and contact us with any questions, to request additional pictures, or to contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page. We are not experts and always welcome your input.
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