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Old Hand Drill - Eggbeater Style
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Old Hand Drill - Eggbeater Style
This wonderful old Hand Drill is in good working order and was likely a very "good one of its kind". The chuck works, the crank turns freely and it is a substantial 18 ounces in weight.

We have not attempted to clean any of the old tools we have as yet, since we are not sure of the proper method, and do not want to harm these vintage items. We would welcome any input as to how to properly clean and preserve them. For now though, we will simply say that there is no extra charge for the "vintage dirt" affixed to these pieces.

This Drill has handles that are a deep reddish color and appear to have a clear varnish over a reddish wood, rather than paint. The round cog is a rich red over cast iron? The chuck is intact and in operating condition. Oddly we are finding very few markings on old tools, and this one is no exception. The only mark we have found is on the metal portion of the crank handle. It reads merely "made in USA" The drill measures 11-1/2" long. As always, we welcome your inquiries and input. You can email us by clicking on the Contact tab on our home page.
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