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Early Aurora Borealis Crystal Pin or Pendant - Swarovski 1956
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Early Aurora Borealis Crystal Pin or Pendant - Swarovski 1956
Early Aurora Borealis Crystal Pin or Pendant - Swarovski 1956
Early Aurora Borealis Crystal Pin or Pendant - Swarovski 1956
Early Aurora Borealis Crystal Pin or Pendant - Swarovski 1956
Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystal Vintage Pin or Pendant - 1956

This spectacular piece of Vintage jewelry I can clearly date, because it was given to me at Christmas 1956. I was enthralled then, as I still am, each time I look at it. My photography truly does not do this item justice.

I was in the 7th grade in 1956, and beginning to feel quite grown up, as I anticipated progressing to the high school the next year. Too old for childish toys, I recall hinting strongly that I would love to receive a musical jewelry box for Christmas. My mother and father, delighted me with, not only a lovely box, but it contained several pieces of quality costume jewelry to begin my grownup collection. The blue Aurora Borealis brooch was the crown jewel of that array.

Aurora Borealis, was the "latest thing" at that time, and I have since learned that it was in fact, developed beginning in the early 1950's and finally released into production in 1955. Manfred Swarovski, a name that has certainly gained in stature since that time, was the individual who perfected the process that created the beautiful rainbow iridescent stones. I have read that the procedure involved vaporizing metals in a vacuum in order to create a very thin layer of reflective color on the crystal stones. Whatever the process may be, it gives us truly beautiful pieces.

This piece consists of both blue clear crystals, and sparkling white crystals, to enhance and complement the Aurora Borealis stones, for an even more dramatic effect. The entire teardrop shaped piece measures 2-3/8" x 1-7/8" overall. The center stone is a deep and incredibly clear blue faceted teardrop, 1" in length and open to the back for maximum light passage. Immediately surrounding the center stone are 21 small faceted white crystal stones, which still sparkle as if they were diamonds. The outer border contains ten large round faceted Aurora Borealis stones, reflecting deep blue, green and purple fiery color, alternated with ten narrow faceted points of the clear blue crystal, to further showcase the iridescent stones. There are an additional ten blue crystal stones set, barely visible, beneath the ring of white stones. Perhaps their purpose is to further display the white crystals' sparkle.

One noteworthy feature that attests to the quality of this piece is that each and every stone is not only facet cut, but is securely held in a four pronged setting, rather than being merely glued in. the back of the piece has a horizontal locking pin mechanism, for use as a brooch, as well as a looped piece for attaching to a chain for a pendant effect. This is costume jewelry, so I am sure the metal base is some form of plating; however, considering its age of almost 60 years now, and the fact that it was gently worn many times, it has not deteriorated at all that I can see.

There is no signature on this brooch. I believe it had a chain originally, which would likely have born the Swarovski name. All of the jewelry items in my Christmas surprise that day had been removed from their boxes and placed inside the musical chest.

The condition of this piece is exceptional, with no loose stones or damage of any kind that I can see. It has been carefully treasured for many years, and I hope it will go on to be worn and appreciated for years to come.

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