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Rare Uncirculated 1926 Dime with John D. Rockefeller Gift Letter --( sorry --SOLD)
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Rare Uncirculated 1926 Dime with John D. Rockefeller Gift Letter --( sorry --SOLD)
Rare Uncirculated 1926 Dime with John D. Rockefeller Gift Letter --( sorry --SOLD)
Rare Uncirculated 1926 Dime with John D. Rockefeller Gift Letter ( sorry --SOLD)

Once again we have a very interesting and unique interaction between a member of the Ross family and a well known, and now famous, individual. Both David Ross and Frank Ross of Kansas City, Missouri were involved in the collecting and selling of rare coins many years ago. This transaction took place in 1929 between the elder Ross, Mr. David R. Ross, and the Mr. John D. Rockefeller.

Although the letter is not hand signed, and bears the signature of Mr. Rockefeller's secretary, it nonetheless is of significance and considerable value, as it contains a coin, now rare in its own right. The letter is on Mr. Rockefellers engraved letterhead, bearing the heading, John D. Rockefeller, Golf House, Lakewood, New Jersey. The typed text is as follows:

"May 6, 1929 Dear Mr. Ross: Mr. Rockefeller thanks you for the rare coin which you kindly sent him. Be assured of his appreciation. He is returning you one of his new dimes, which please accept with his kindest regards and all best wishes for you and yours. Very truly yours, (signature of N.W. Davis) Secretary. Mr. David R. Ross, 15 East 62nd Street, Kansas City, Mo."

Enclosed with the letter was, in fact, one of Mr. Rockefeller's "new dimes", an uncirculated 1926 Mercury dime. Being a collector himself, Mr. Ross promptly placed the letter, with the envelope behind it, in a frame. The coin was likewise placed inside the frame and the back was sealed with paper. The envelope shape is visible behind the letter, which has the original folds. There are two small areas where the paper is darkened, perhaps by moisture. The coin, although obviously an uncirculated specimen, has a slight amount of tarnish from nearly 80 years inside that frame. However, that is 80 years that it was not handled, and I am quite sure that it was in new and unhandled condition when it was gifted to Mr. Ross in 1929.

What we do NOT know, is whether this coin was minted in Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco !! I understand that the mint mark is located on the reverse side of the 1926 dime, and since it is still sealed inside the frame, I cannot answer that question. The framed letter and coin was given to our family by a member of the Ross family a number of years ago, and we never opened it to examine the contents. I understand that the value of those dimes varies; however, I will let the discovery of this 80 year secret belong to the purchaser. The coin, regardless of its singular collector value is accompanied by a wonderful provenance.

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