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1928 Hotel Presidente Habana Plate / Black Knight / Serb Bavaria
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1928 Hotel Presidente Habana Plate / Black Knight / Serb Bavaria
1928 Hotel Presidente Habana Plate / Black Knight / Serb Bavaria
1928 Hotel Presidente Habana Plate / Black Knight / Serb Bavaria

One of the great joys of collecting, and sharing the items on this website is the learning experience that takes place with so many of these pieces. They have their manufacturing history, and they have possibilities of such interesting background history as well. I cannot seem to just present to you a "plate - round - 8-1/2 inch -tropical design", although that is basically what it is.

This plate deserves so much more than that. First of all it has traveled more than many of us, from Germany to New York, on to Havana Cuba, and somehow made its way back to the United States and north to the state of Minnesota. All in a span of 80 years, and throughout those travels, it managed to remain in absolutely pristine mint condition !!

The plate was manufactured by the Hutschenreuther Porcelain Factory in the late 1920's. This was a very old and well respected manufacturer of fine porcelain dinnerware. This company was at that time also selling some of their products to an American importer and wholesaler, named Graham & Zenger of New York City. The items shipped to Graham & Zenger were marked "Black Knight, Registered USA, Selb Bavaria". Graham and Zenger then sold the items to their customers, and those were marked with the name of the store (i.e. Wanamakers etc), or in this case for a specific customer. This plate is marked, "Made Expressly for Hotel Presidente, Habana, 1928".

To add to the uniqueness of this piece, we found in our research that the Hotel Presidente Habana was likewise a very interesting piece of history. Built around 1927, the hotel was considered one of the most distinctive and luxurious and was the first skyscraper in the city of Havana. It is still in operation, and in the year 2000 underwent a complete restoration to preserve its grandeur. This plate is marked 1928, which would indicate it was likely part of the original hotel dinnerware. Was it perhaps a "souvenir" that did not make it back to room service? Or was it a "grand opening" gift item? Weighing nearly 2 pounds, it is a substantial luncheon plate obviously designed for hotel use. Someone has carefully preserved and treasured this plate for 80 years. The beautiful tropical design depicts the island vacation and honeymoon spot that Havana was so many years ago. It would surely enhance any collection, and perhaps spark a memory of another era.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however since most of the items are either antique or at best vintage, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please examine the pictures and contact us with any questions, to request additional pictures., or to contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page. We are not experts and always welcome your input.
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