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Stereoscope Stereo Viewer -Underwood & Underwood - ca 1901 - (sorry SOLD)
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Stereoscope Stereo Viewer -Underwood & Underwood - ca 1901 - (sorry SOLD)
Stereoscope Stereo Viewer -Underwood & Underwood - ca 1901 - (sorry SOLD)
Stereoscope Stereo Viewer -Underwood & Underwood - ca 1901 - (sorry SOLD)
Stereoscope Stereo Viewer -Underwood & Underwood - ca 1901

This is one of the nicer stereo viewers we have had available on our site. It bears the Sun Sculpture U & U Trade Mark logo on the top center of the aluminum hood, as well as the patent information on the underside of the metal frame. The patent information reads: MAN'F'D BY UNDERWOOD & UNDERWOOD NEW YORK along with PATENTED JUNE 11, 1901 FOREIGN PATENTS APPLIED FOR. This patent designation helps us to date this particular stereoscope between 1901 and 1907, since later viewers we have encountered have both the 1901 and a 1907 patent date.

I particularly enjoyed learning about the origin of the Underwood & Underwood company. It seems it was started in 1880 by two very young brothers (only 20 and 18 years of age) in the small town of Ottawa, Kansas. Their initial purpose was to distribute the stereoview cards produced by other photographer, via the tried and true door to door method, then began to make their own and market sets to religious and educational markets as well as for personal use. These photographs were a wonderful way for children to learn their geography.

The wonderment of the stereoviews over the plain postcard or photograph came from the two photos, taken at just slightly different angles (sometimes with two side by side cameras). Then, these photos were mounted side by side and viewed through the two lenses of the viewer, giving the effect of what the right eye and left eye would actually see in real life. Because the stereoscope viewer provided a dark environment, no peripheral vision was possible and the eyes were encouraged to focus only on the images in front them. The result was that uncanny feeling that you were "actually there". Travel became possible for anyone, from their own parlor!!

This stereoscope viewer measures 13" in length, 5-1/4" across the lens hood, and the card slide is 7" wide. It is in exceptionally nice condition. The only real deterioration I can find is on one small area of wear on the felt like edging (see photo). The wood is in very nice condition, as is the metal hood and frame. I do not know the proper way to clean or polish this metal, so I will leave that for the purchaser. The lenses are very nice and clear and the handle hinge is secure and stable. Overall a very nice display piece.

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