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Britains Ltd - Beefeater - English Miniature Metal Toy Soldier
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Britains Ltd - Beefeater - English Miniature Metal Toy Soldier
Britains Ltd - Beefeater - English Miniature Metal Toy Soldier
Britains Ltd - Beefeater - Metal English - Miniature Metal Toy Soldier

Britains Ltd. has been a premier maker of intricately detailed miniature soldiers, animals and other figures since 1893. William Britain Sr., a maker of mechanical toys, and founder of W. Britain Ltd., took toy manufacturing in a new direction with his hollow cast toy soldiers. Since that time, the Britains Ltd miniatures have been highly collected and admired for their extreme detailing, with each of the items being painstakingly hand cast and hand painted, down to the tiniest brass buttons on the uniforms. In 1958, a line of plastic miniatures was also added, also intricately hand painted with enormous attention to detail.

Britains Ltd remained a British Company until 1997, when it was sold, and the production moved to the far east. Some figures have been retired, and some are still produced today; however the newer items are no longer made in England and, since 2001 no longer have the glossy finish.

This Item is called the Beefeater . It is made of hand cast metal The underside of the base reads "copyright Britains Ltd Made in England". He stands 2-1/2 inches tall. He does not appear to have any damage. These are all hand painted, so slight irregularities in painting are possible. Please use the photos to make your evaluation of condition, and feel free to ask questions.

We have a variety of these figures, all produced in England and all acquired from a single collection. They were collected over a period of years and carefully displayed. Some do have some minor paint issues; however, I have tried to point out any other damage in their descriptions. Please examine the pictures carefully to judge the condition of the items for yourself.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however since most of the items are either antique or at best vintage, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please contact us with any questions, or to request additional pictures, or contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page.
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