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Antique Cook Stove -Gas Range circa 1925 (sorry SOLD)
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Antique Cook Stove -Gas Range circa 1925 (sorry SOLD)
Antique Cook Stove - Gas Range from the early 1920's

At the present time, we are calling this our "Mystery Stove". Search as we may, we have been unable to identify the manufacturer of this somewhat elegant old gas stove. It has suspiciously close characteristics to a stove manufactured by the Detroit Stove Company, named the Detroit Jewel. However, all of those stoves had their name printed boldly on the front of the stove, and this one has no such markings. The Serial Number Plate is still affixed to the side, unfortunately, someone has done a very enthusiastic job of cleaning it with perhaps a Brillo pad, and only the embossed serial number remains. The model, manufacturer, etc is gone with the exception of a faint impression of what may have been a certification or logo.

What we do know about the stove is that it was purchased and placed in a new home in the early 1920's in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It remained in use in the home until the 1990's when it was replaced as the primary cooking range, but kept in the home as an antique. When those homeowners moved to Minnesota, the stove traveled with them. It would be perfect for use at a lake cabin or in a vintage kitchen. It has four surface burners, an oven and a broiler oven. Each oven has a rack, and the removable gas burner apparatus beneath the surface grates is in exceptionally nice condition.

The most striking feature to me is the subtle but stylish green on cream veined marble pattern in the enameled surfaces. They are in beautiful condition, without the chips or scratches normally found on such pieces. The trim is black and the interior of the oven doors is a blue and white speckled enamel. Another very unusual and distinctive feature is the presence of three small openings, each edged in black, surrounding each of the surface burner controls. I will mention here that the knobs for the surface burners are missing. Whether they were removed for safekeeping and misplaced, or damaged and discarded is not known, but we do not have them. There are however, two very elegant dangling handles on the oven and broiler doors. These are made of black bakelite with a decorative metal back piece.

This stove brings back childhood memories of my grandmother's stove, which, once replaced by a modern new range, was retired to the basement. Every year it became the oven where the Thenksgiving turkey baked all day, while the new oven was in use upstairs.

The stove is in nice condition; considering its age, and although it has not been connected to gas and tested in recent years, we have no reason to believe it would not function. The oven appears structurally sound with only a small amount of surface rust, all parts are intact with the exception of the mentioned knobs, and the exterior cosmetics are very nice.

This is a heavy stove, of cast iron and enameled metal; however it can be carried by two people. We have not calculated a weight or freight on this item as yet. We will be happy to assist the buyer in resolving the transportation issue.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please contact us with any questions, or to request additional pictures, or to contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page.
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