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Admiral Model 6C71-10A1 Tube Radio and Phono Console --(Sorry SOLD)
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Admiral Model 6C71-10A1 Tube Radio and Phono Console --(Sorry SOLD)
Admiral Model 6C71-10A1 Tube Radio and Phono in Wood Console Cabinet

The year was 1946, and the War was over. The family radio in the parlor took on a new and more upbeat image. Instead of huddling around it, somberly listening for news from the War front, people began to enjoy it for the delightful entertainment and music that marked happier times.

This vintage radio was produced in 1946 by the Admiral Corp.. Originally founded as the Continental Radio and Television Corp. in 1934, this company proudly produced good quality items at affordable prices. One source indicates that by 1939 they were ranked number 5 in sales volume.

The dial area of this radio is particularly appealing. It is curved, surrounded by what must be bakelite in a brown marble type effect. The knobs are of the same material. The dial has 4 bands, labeled "Standard Broadcast", "49 Meters", "31-25 Meters", and "19-16 Meters". The words Push Button appear on the lowest scale. I will not pretend to understand what this means; however having four bands must have held some significance. The four knobs are labeled "Volume", "Pho-Rad", "Tuning", and Band SW." To the left of the dial are 5 Push Buttons in an area designated as "Tone Control". The buttons are labeled as "Voice", "Normal", "Music", "Alto" and "Bass". This was a surprise to me that there was that much technology in these old tube radios! A matching set of 5 Push Buttons are on the right-hand side of the dial, in an area designated as "Station Selector". They are labeled "WCAL", "WCCO", "WDGY", "WLOL", and "KSTP". All of these were active stations in Minnesota at that time. An interesting piece of trivia that I learned while researching this radio, was that stations beginning with a W were West of the Mississippi River, and those East of the Mississippi were given the K designation. All of the Push Buttons are present and intact. The station labels can be changed.

The phonograph will play either 78 or 33-1/3 records. If you are looking for those, be sure to contact us, as we have a very large selection that have yet to be added to this site.

This radio is in remarkably nice condition, considering it is nearly 60 years old. The wood case is intact; and looks very nice. The burled grain on the doors concealing the phonograph is really beautiful. The only real damage is on the top, where there is some surface damage to the finish and a small piece of missing veneer on the left rear area. It could probably be carefully restored to its original beauty. We do not attempt to do any repair or restoration, as this is not our area of expertise. The fabric has what appears to be a water mark across it. Mechanically, I am told that it "worked" the last time that it was plugged in; however, the dial apparently has a string-like mechanism that threads onto pulleys, and I understand that it has slipped off of its proper spools. Again, I am told this is a minor issue.

This great old radio was purchased from the original owner's family, and we understand that it spent most of those 50+ years in their home in northern Minnesota. A portion of the original sticker is still glued inside, with the Model number, the Chassis number appears boldly on the chassis, as well as the original Serial Number sticker.

I am not a radio expert, and I have been advised by several collectors who are, that I should not attempt to plug in any of the old tube radios. Apparently, it could cause damage to the radios themselves if not properly checked out inside first, or perhaps cause a shock. I am told that a collector knows how to check the radio over carefully first. Since most of the items on this site are antique or vintage, they are sold in "as is" condition. I do try to describe the items to best of my ability. I will be happy to provide additional pictures, and answer any question you might have about this radio. Freight on this radio has not been determined and will be discussed at time of sale.

If you have any questions, please email me by using the contact tab on our home page.
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