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FAITH BALDWIN COLLECTION - Autographs, Signed Letters, Inscribed Book
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FAITH BALDWIN COLLECTION - Autographs, Signed Letters, Inscribed Book
FAITH BALDWIN COLLECTION - "Autographs, Signed Letters, Inscribed Book

Faith Baldwin was a favorite writer of many ladies during the years following the Depression. She lived from 1893 to 1978, and while residing in Connecticut, she wrote well over 60 novels. The tone of her writing was light and has been referred to as sentimental. Based on the content and gentle air of her correspondence, it appears that her writing reflected her personality.

The items in our Faith Baldwin collection consist of an inscribed book, and three letters / notes, each on a different piece of her personal stationery. Each piece of correspondence has its original envelope, and all bear the postmarks from late 1940 to early 1941.

The items were written to Mr. Frank C. Ross, who was apparently a rare coin collector. In the initial inquiry, she is questioning the rarity of a $10 gold piece that her father had purchased from the bank in 1907 and had carried as a pocket piece ever since. It is handwritten and signed on a Personal Postcard bearing her New Canaan, CT address. She mailed it in a regular envelope, Air Mail, and it still bears the 6 cent Air Mail stamp.

The second letter is on a great piece of bordered blue notepaper with what appears to be her monogram, in Red white and blue ink, hand applied. In the letter, which covers both sides of the folded sheet, she further describes the gold coin, mentions that although she goes by "Miss" she has "4 kids". She makes reference to a coin Mr. Ross sent to her, and that she collects a variety of small objects and lists a few. She speaks of receiving gifts from friends and fans and that she likes to associate each a person or place. The letter is signed and the signature is followed with a notation that she is sending him a book. Again the envelope, postmark, and 6 cent air mail stamp are intact.

The third item, a tiny informal note card, 4x6 inches, folded to 4 x 3, bears her "Miss Faith Baldwin" and the Fable Farm address personalization. In the message, dated Jan 1, she says "Thank you, dear Mr. Ross", makes reference to the copy of American Family that she had sent to him, and makes a light hearted comment about the "legend" that had surrounded the old coin. She wishes him a Happy New Year. The tiny envelope, with its Jan 1, 1941 postmark, and 6 cent Air Mail stamp are likewise in good condition.

The fourth and final item is a copy of the Faith Baldwin novel American Family, sent to him and inscribed to "Frank C. Ross from Faith Baldwin". As mentioned in her note, the book is a reprint, and the dust jacket makes reference to such a re-issuance. The original copywrite date was 1934. This shows 1934, 1935.

Mr. Ross, was a fan of "Miss" Baldwin, and had carefully preserved the three letters, affixing them with small gold photo corners inside the book. Mr Ross's daughter was a family acquaintance, and the collection was a gift from her in about the late 1950's. This is the most closely connected collection of Faith Baldwin handwritten memorabilia I have seen. It spans only about 6 weeks, from November 1940 thru January 1941, but encompasses a complete interaction between the two individuals.

The photographs I have presented here are intentionally not clear and complete pictures of the documents and / or stationery. Unfortunately, this is necessary to avoid unauthorized reproductions being offered for sale and thus devaluing the true items. (Sad, but I understand it happens.) If you have a serious interest, please contact us.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please contact us with any questions, or to request additional pictures, or to contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page.
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