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AMERICAN FLYER #4007 Sand Car Pre-War Standard Wide Gauge (sorry SOLD)
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AMERICAN FLYER #4007 Sand Car Pre-War Standard Wide Gauge (sorry SOLD)
AMERICAN FLYER #4007 Sand Car - Pre-War Standard Wide Gauge

In 1925, the American Flyer Manufacturing Company first introduced their line of Standard Gauge electric trains, having previously only produced O Gauge trains. The American Flyer Standard Guage locomotives and cars (also known as Wide Gauge) were only produced and sold through 1936. The company was sold to A.C. Gilbert in 1938. After that time, only O Gauge was available, until after the War, when it was replaced with S Gauge.

These Wide Gauge cars are rare, due to the limited production, and are impressive, both from a size standpoint as well as from their colors, detailing, and brass accents. They are made of a very sturdy metal and are heavily embossed. We are currently offering only this one car in this series; however, we hope to acquire more of these hard-to-find items.

This car is the American Flyer #4007 Sand Car. The #4007 is especially rare, since it was only available in 1926 and 1927. It has a black frame, and the body is a great dark red color. This is the only one of these I have seen, so I do not know if the mottling and shading is from wear, from fading, oxidation, or was intentionally done that way. (Note: the two pictures of the inside and bottom of the car were lightened to show the detail, causing the red to appear overly light.) It has a spring-loaded latch-type coupler on one end, and fixed type on the other, that would slip into the latch and be securely held in place. The trucks are all intact and have brass journals. The brake wheels appear to be brass, along with the name plates. The plates read "Built By American Flyer Lines" and "4007 American Flyer Lines". There are three plates present on each side of the car. The American Flyer #4007 car measures 14" long by 3-1/2" wide by 4" high, excluding the couplers.

Considering this car is 80 years old, I am surprised at the exceptionally nice condition. This car was obviously played with extensively, and has the paint issues mentioned above, as well as paint chipping on the black frame and trucks. I really enjoy the "real life" look. These were designed for children to play with, yet it has survived without the heavy rust and dents one would expect, perhaps due to the sturdy metal construction.

Please note: We have not tested any of the model trains on the website, as I unfortunately lack the knowledge to test them without damaging them, and I do not have the necessary track or transformers. I can say that the trains currently on this site came from a single collection in my family, and the owner would have likely maintained them. However, I must state that they are sold "as is". I try very hard to accurately describe the items on this site. However, if you have any questions, please email us by using the Contact tab on our Home page. I will be happy to provide additional pictures and answer any questions you may have.
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