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LIONEL Model 250 Electric Engine Pre-War O Gauge - ( sorry SOLD )
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LIONEL Model 250  Electric Engine Pre-War O Gauge - ( sorry SOLD )
This Lionel #250 Electric 0-4-0 Locomotive is quite an anomaly. - ( sorry SOLD ) Research in an old Greenberg's book tells us that the Model 250 was manufactured in an "Early" edition, 1926, and a "Late" edition in 1934. This one is decidedly the "Late" edition, described as "uncatalogued; same body as 252, but with 250 number plate; has reversing slot in hood."

The unusual issue involves the color of this engine. It has a bright Red body on a black frame. I can find no reference to any Model 250 that was produced in red. These would have been Yellow-orange or Terra-cotta, but not Red. We found one reference to a Maroon color, produced for a Macy Department Store special, but this is definitely not Maroon. I have examined this item to see if it had perhaps been repainted; however, I cannot find any indication that it has. If that is the case it was an exceptional job. My thought would lean toward a promotion for some other store where some of these shells were painted a distinctive color, or a prototype for the 252 that did not become part of the color lineup. At any rate, it is unique and displays well.

All of the brass trim appears to be in place and in good condition, and the wheels look good. It only has one coupler. Looking at the underside, there is no Lionel nameplate, and the metal piece with the rollers, where the nameplate would be, appears to be newer than the rest of the mechanical parts inside. There also does not seem to be a wire attached to the headlight piece.

Considering the 70 year age of this engine, I am amazed at the nice condition. These were designed for children to play with, yet it has survived without the rust and dents and such one would expect. If it has been repaired or restored, it has been with the utmost care.

Please note: We have not tested any of the model trains on the website, as I unfortunately lack the knowledge to test them without damaging them, and I do not have the necessary track or transformers. I can say that the trains currently on this site came from a single collection in my family, and the owner would have likely maintained them. However, I must state that they are sold "as is". I try very hard to accurately describe the items on this site. However, if you have any questions, please email us by using the Contact tab on our Home page. I will be happy to provide additional pictures and answer any questions you may have.
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