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RCA Radiola Model 527 Tube Radio (sorry Sold)
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RCA Radiola Model 527 Tube Radio (sorry Sold)
This is an RCA Radiola Model 527. It was manufactured in 1942 and has a wonderful wood case and a slanted dial plate, with both standard broadcast and short wave bands. RCA was noted for producing quality radios, and this Five Tube model is a good example. They offered this model under the Radiola name, in both this lovely wood case and a plastic "portable" case with a handle. It is approximately 10 inches wide.

The cardboard back piece is missing on this radio; however the pictures below show that there is a knob on the back to switch between short wave and broadcast, as well as a phono input jack. Apparently the previous owner was able to save the paper that would have been on the back, bearing the Model, Serial Number and technical date. It is taped to the bottom of the radio with duct tape.

This great old radio was part of my father's sizeable collection of antique and vintage radios, ranging from the very early years to the 50's and 60's. I am not a radio expert, and I have been advised by several collectors who are, that I should not attempt to plug in any of the old tube radios. Apparently it could cause damage to the radios themselves if not properly checked out inside first, or perhaps cause a shock. I am told that a collector knows how to check the radio over carefully first.

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