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Red Wing # 816 Hanging Planter - circa 1962 - Chartreuse gloss with Brown bisque
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Red Wing # 816 Hanging Planter - circa 1962 - Chartreuse gloss with Brown bisque
Red Wing # 816 Hanging Planter - circa 1962 - Chartreuse gloss with Brown bisque
Red Wing # 816 Hanging Planter - circa 1962 - Chartreuse gloss with Brown bisque
Red Wing # 816 Hanging Planter - circa 1962 - Chartreuse gloss with Brown bisque

My first encounter with Red Wing Pottery was at an auction some years back. In a room filled with this lively and totally delightful line of pottery, two items seemed to scream out to me to take them home. One was a striking striped vase, and the other was this captivating modern style planter in a brilliant chartreuse color, coupled with a soft brown bisque basketweave texture.

The name Red Wing, in the world of pottery, means something different to various collectors. To some, it means Crocks. Big crocks, small crocks and everything in between. To others, it may mean Dinnerware and Kitchenware that is unique, with distinctive shapes, patterns and bold colors. And finally, there are those of us who love Red Wing for the vast array of Artware. Artware features a fascinating variety of styles and glazes in function and decorative pieces of pottery.

Aptly named, Red Wing Pottery had its earliest beginnings in Red Wing, Minnesota in the very late 1860's. After a fire in 1870, it reopened under the Red Wing name in 1872 and continued to expand and prosper through the next nearly 100 years. Red Wing closed its manufacturing doors in 1967. It is possible to place approximate dates on some items, due to the introduction of a particular glaze or mold; however, we are only able here to make our best guesses as to the ages of our pieces.

We have a number of Red Wing pottery items from the Artware category. This piece is just one of them:

This item is a Large Hanging Planter, one of the Artware items introduced and produced in 1962, a year I remember well. I suppose today this color would be called a Lime, or Apple green; however, back in 1962 it was Chartreuse. My mother bought us a set of dinnerware in a two-color set where half of the pieces were Chartreuse and the rest a darker green. It was the latest thing at the time. Greens, chartreuse, yellow, grey, pink, all of these were the colors that prevailed in our household when I was a child. Now a trip to an interior decor shop displays these same colors and designs.

Thise Hanging Planter was created from the #816 mold. It is comprised of three sweeping vertical pieces and two circular bands, glazed in a bright glossy chartreuse, that appear to be holding a brown matte, or bisque finish basket. Of course it is just a one piece molded item, but the effect is delightful. The basket planter measures 9 inches tall overall, without the metal attachment. The bowl area measures 6 inches across by 4 inches tall from the base to the edge of the rim. It does have a metal fitting screwed securely through the top area, with an attached chain for hanging. I simply did not have the heart to put it out in the elements or fill it with dirt. If one were to use it for a live plant, there is plenty of room to place a small container inside, which would afford drainage nicely. This piece is in lovely condition. I find no damage or signs of wear at all. It has decidedly not been used as a planter. I think these pieces in our collection were previously gently used but mostly just displayed. They were definitely cared for. The piece typifies the timeliness that Red Wing seemed to convey throughout their production years, and with the recent trend toward the retro era decor, it fits beautifully into today's look.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however since most of the items are either antique or at best vintage, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please examine the pictures and contact us with any questions, to request additional pictures, or to contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page. We are not experts and always welcome your input.
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