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Plow Boy Tobacco Package -- Chewing and Smoking -- early 1900's
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Plow Boy Tobacco Package -- Chewing and Smoking -- early 1900's
Plow Boy Tobacco Package -- Chewing and Smoking -- early 1900's
Plow Boy Tobacco Package -- Chewing and Smoking -- early 1900's
Plow Boy Chewing and Smoking Paper Tobacco Package with J.Q. Adams strip Tax Stamp -- early 1900's vintage

I never cease to be amazed at the number of items, particularly fragile "trash" items, that have survived for close to a hundred years!! I think such paper items as this definitely fall in the category of "Ephemera". Made of paper, and designed to be discarded once the contents were used, how and why is this tobacco package still around today?

Ephemera has been defined as: Something short-lived, transitory, lasting a day or so. My favorite description of Ephemera is: "The minor transient documents of everyday life" .

Our limited research tells us that this Plow Boy tobacco package likely dates to the early to mid 1900's. The side reads "manufactured by Spaulding & Merrick - Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. successor." This would indicate that period around 1907 to 1911 when the Sherman Anti-trust laws broke up the American Tobacco Trust. Liggett & Myers was one of four companies that emerged, and part of their organization encompassed the former Spaulding & Merrick Co.

This package has the small end piece of the tax stamp, as well as the entire other end, which is a strip affixed to the inner foil and running the entire length of the package. The stamp is blue, bears a portrait and the name J.Q. Adams, as well as 1-1/2 ounces tobacco. Peeking inside I can see the tax strip is intact, but cannot read the rest of it. I know very little about collecting such memorabilia. I simply could not discard this item that someone else had so carefully preserved for so many years. Condition is very nice. All of the paper, foil and tax stamp are present. The colors are still bright and the detailing in the picture is clear. There is some edge and corner wear and minor crumpling; however it is still amazing to me that it exists at all.

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