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Hocking Glass Co.- Sandwich Punch Bowl Set
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Hocking Glass Co.- Sandwich Punch Bowl Set
Hocking Glass Co.- Sandwich Punch Bowl Set
Sandwich Pattern Punch Bowl and Cups Set by Hocking Glass Company -- early 1960's

This Punch Set dates to the early 1960's. The pattern name is Sandwich and it was manufactured by the Hocking Glass Company, later known as Anchor Hocking. The Sandwich pattern glass from this company was first produced in the late 1930's, and thus is found listed in various Depression Era glass books. At that time, only pink and ruby colored pieces were made. Later gold, green and opaque white items were added. From 1961 thru 1964 the clear crystal pieces were made in this popular pattern. The Punch Set was made only in the opaque white and the crystal. The detailing of the pattern produces a striking look once a colorful liquid is added.

The clear glass Punch Bowl measures 9-3/4 inches in diameter and is 5 inches deep. A separate base, or stand, was produced; however we do not have that item at this time. The Punch Cups have the same distinctive pattern and smooth rim, along with the nicely balanced closed handle.

This set consists of One 9-3/4" Punch Bowl and 6 cups. I have used them for larger groups, by adding plain cups; however, I have recently noticed individual cups available at shops and flea markets, so the set could easily be expanded. All of the items are in very nice condition, with no damage I can find on any of them.

I try to describe the items on this site as accurately as possible; however since most of the items are either antique or at best vintage, due to their age, they are sold in "as is" condition. Please examine the pictures and contact us with any questions, to request additional pictures, or to contribute further information, by using the Contact tab on our Home page. We are not experts and always welcome your input.
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