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Albert Sterner 1901 American Beauty Art Print - Framed
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Albert Sterner 1901 American Beauty Art Print - Framed
Albert Sterner 1901 American Beauty Art Print - Framed
Albert Sterner 1901 American Beauty Art Print - Framed
Albert Sterner 1901 American Beauty Art Print - Framed
AMERICAN BEAUTY by ALBERT STERNER (signed and dated 1901)- Framed Art Print - -copyright in 1905 by P.F. Collier and Son

This art print was created by Albert Sterner, a respected artist and magazine Illustrator in both Europe and America. It is signed by Albert Sterner, and dated 1901 in the lower right corner (see photo). I understand this was one of a series, known as "American Beauties". These portraits were copyrighted in 1905 by P.F Collier & Son, and sold as prints.

The print measures 9-1/2" x 13" and is in likely its original wood frame. The frame is made of wood and although it has aged, it appears to have done so gracefully, and blends nicely with the picture.

At first glance this appears to be a simple artist's fashion sketch; however, as you study it, it is so much more. From the poised and elegant features on the model, to the fluid detailing of the fabric, this piece is remarkable. Looking closer, the added color is not just in the roses in her hand, but added to the dress, to enhance the detail and add depth. I am very taken with this piece. It has graced several Victorian style rooms in our family homes.

Albert Sterner was born in London in 1863 and at age 12 was taking drawing classes at the Birmingham Art Institute. A biographical sketch I found indicates that his family moved to America, but Albert remained in Europe until about 1880, staying with relatives in Germany. After moving to America, he had a studio in New York, and worked for fashionable magazines, such as Harper's, Scribner's, Century, and Colliers. He spent a good bit of time in Paris and exhibited at the Paris Salon. In America he was exhibited in numerous galleries, including the Carnegie Museum, and won several major awards.

This lovely piece is in exceptionally nice condition. I am amazed that these items can survive over one hundred years and still retain their appearance and appeal. I do not see any damage or visible signs of wear. It displays nicely.

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